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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Say No to Holiday Weight Gain

Many Americans gain on average 5 pounds from Thanksgiving thru New Years. Some even gain more.  Tell yourself it isn't OK!  We all have Holiday parties to attend and then there is the Holiday baking and big family meals.  You can fight back with these tips. 

Stick to Veggies

Whether you are attending a party or hosting a holiday party of your own, stick to vegetables. Not only do they provide vitamins and nutrients, they provide an array of color. Avoid dipping these vegetables in the high fat or high calorie dips and spreads, instead use mustard or hummus (bring your own to be on the safe side)  Having vegetables on your plate will give you something healthy to nibble on, helping you resist the urge to snack on high calorie party foods.

Avoid Temptations

Avoid bringing holiday goodies such as baked goods and candy to the office or party. This will only tempt you and make you very likely to consume your own treats. Resist grabbing a plate and getting a portion of treats at  parties. Evade temptation by walking away or chewing a piece of gum. Stay Strong!!

Eat Before

Eat healthy before you go to any holiday parties. Consume a filling healthy snack before the party to help resist the urge to overeat when you get there. Eat a cup of fruit or a handful of almonds shortly prior to arriving at the party. Or if you drink Shakeology have that prior to heading out (my choice).

Eat Your Fruit

Baking treats during holiday time is a tradition for many people. Generally, holiday treats are made with unhealthy fats and calorie rich ingredients. Keep weight gain at bay by searching for new holiday recipes made primarily with raw fruits or nuts and containing very little, if any, added sugar or fats.

Make these healthy snacks instead of the traditional high calorie options. Then, you can snack on your holiday homemade treats without fear of weight gain.

Increase The  Burn

 Meaning MOVE more!  The more you move the more calories you burn.  Increase your aerobic by doing an extra mile on your run or walk or a few minutes more of your favorite workout DVD.  While waiting on healthy goodies baking in the oven why not do some jumping jacks, squats or jog in place?  Find some time to add in some extra "burn" 

Don't Hover

Stay away from the food area as much as possible at parties and gatherings. Avoid hovering in the kitchen or over the buffet area. The inability to constantly access food will make you less likely to overeat. Instead, spend your time socializing and engaging in conversations with people in rooms that do not contain food and walk around more. Try not to sit for too long. Walking and standing burn calories..


Drink 8 oz. before you head out to curb appetite and choose water instead of alcohol or soda.  I like Ozarka Sparkling water with frozen fruit in it (gets bubbly like Champagne).

(If you must indulge in Alcohol please make sure you have a designated driver….)

Happy Healthy Holidays!