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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Our 2013 Year in Review

We said goodbye to 2012 with a cold, rainy , long 13.1 mile race on dec 31st 2012

Welcome 2013!! 

January we did a 21 day diet reset/cleanse  ( took a lot of discipline) we lost several lbs and become Vegans!

March and April, we ran a 5k , a half marathon and a full marathon ! ( 26.2 miles)

April brought us a new " official" driver... Yikes 
And a few weeks later..... Fender bender.  

School is out and we headed to Disney World !  Had a blast with jamie and her friend!

4th of July brought some lessons learned for Jamie, along with a damaged car she had to pay to fix. Her nickname : " pretty little liar ". Lol. ( she can't out smart Mom) lol

July also brought a new Yorkie to our doorstep ! Literally! Aka Ringo    ( we couldn't ask for a better dog .. 
What a blessing)

Also July brought a sister reunion and surprise birthday visit to my dad in pampa Tx. 

Can you say "CANCER FREE". !!!  Best news of the year!!!!

We continued on through the dog days of summer with some fun in the pool. Who knew Ringo would love the pool...

Work brought us back to Georgetown ! We enjoyed several days at our favorite bed and breakfast and even tried to " keep Austin weird" 

School starts up and I have a Jr. in high school. Where did the time go?
And finally a good picture of both of my kids!!??? Did this really happen?

OU TX weekend !  We kept with tradition and ran the Showdown half marathon . Always a great race.

Halloween was here before we knew it and around that time it brought us ....... Wait for it..... Another Yorkie. Welcome gypsy. 
Yes. Now we have 3.  

Thanksgiving brought us a get away to a bed and breakfast for 24 hr much needed alone time.  It was perfect!

Moving right along to December.... Hello ice apocalypse!  Yes, that's a tree in our pool.  
Teenagers walking home in an ice storm. 

Merry Flu Christmas!  Yes, it struck our house.  Tried hard not to " regift " it. 

What a year!  We shared a ton of laughs along the way !  

Looking forward to 2014 and all it holds for us !

Pam and Jim